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The speed of light

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    can anyone give me some good explanations or experiments about time and the speed of light. my knowledge at this point is kind of limited. I know the concept but can someone explain how its proven in theory or experiment.
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    There is more stuff on the internet about this than you can shake a stick at. Surely you can do some research on your own and then come back with specific questions if there are things you don't understand?
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    There are loads and loads of good physics books which explain it as part of an explanation of something else =)
    I recommend Max Born's Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, the whole first half of it explains these kinds of questions, even where the fundmental ideas about mass, force, movement etc. comes from and he explains some experiments and problems about calculating the speed of light. Have fun reading it if you do =)
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    i have been researching it online. but i cant seem to find anything more than what i generally read. im curious. if getting closer to the speed of like makes time slow down, could you go back in time if you could go faster than the speed of light. is that possible to make an object go that fast? and what could possibly happen? or is this some left field idea that don't matter.
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    Please search the Special Relativity forums. You should find lots of threads of interest.
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