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The speed of sound and The speed of Light

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    If you travel faster than the spped of sound, then you do not hear anything. If you were to travel faster than the speed of light, then you would NOT see anything.???
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    Greetings !

    Theoreticly - yes. However, it is impossible to travel
    faster than the speed of light. Nevertheless, lots
    of cool things happen as you get close to it - you
    see the things behind you in a higher spectrum and
    the things in front of you in a lower spectrum.

    Live long and prosper.
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    If you are in a plane traveling faster than the speed of sound, you can still hear perfectly fine. And if the noise of the plane were not too loud, you'd be able to hear things outside the plane perfectly fine as well (just with a nice big doppler shift). You just wouldn't be able to hear anything behind you.
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    If you are in a plane travelling faster than sound, there are two things to consider.

    1) The air inside the plane is moving along at the same speed as you, so sound travels normally in there in relation to you.

    2) The plane is basically outpacing the propagation of sound through the air outside the plane.
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    Since it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light, there is no meaning to try to hypothesize what is going to happen when you travel faster than light, so, no, there is not even a theoretical phenomena.
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