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The speed of time (revised)

  1. May 5, 2003 #1
    My first theory was mathematically backwards, so heres my new one.

    Einstein believed that time was relative, and along with other things, that the speed of light was universally invariant and that no massive or non-massive object could attain speeds greater than that.

    In my opinion, theoretically of course, time varies when a massive object exceeds the speed of light, at which point time accelerates. Time is directly variant to superluminal speeds. (In other words, when luminal speed has been exceeded, the speed of time increases in direct proportion to the speed in excess of C)

    What if you were going the speed of light, and you accelerated to C + 10 mph. Time would be forced to speed up 10mph/C of a second in order for you not to exceed the speed of light. To you, the observer in superluminal time, you would be going C + 10, but when you looked at your watch, time itself would be going slightly faster (at such minute speeds over C this change wouldn’t be noticed to the "naked" eye). This is to mathematically compensate for your excess speeds (Because Distance/Time = Velocity). Of course to an observer in subluminal-time, you would only be going the speed of light.

    This theory can be mathematically proven, assuming Einstein was correct in saying that the speed of light cannot be compromised.

    Y = 1 subluminal year

    1 light year = C + 10 mph
    Y - (10mph/C * Y)

    If one day my theory proves correct, then interstellar travelers will be able to calculate superluminal speed using a watch or timer, because superluminal velocity is directly proportional to time.
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