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The square of an orbital period

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    this is the expression ofr the orbital period T= 2*pi*R^(3/2)/sqrt(G*M) that i found
    now the next question asks me to find an expression for T^2=?
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    The answer is fairly simple....

    If x = y*z^(3/2)
    Then x^2 = y^2*z^3

    If you simply square the expression on the right hand side of your equation
    you should get the answer quite easily.

    The reason why you are probably asked to find T^2 is because....
    If you notice there are alot of variables that are not raised to an integer power. In order to make the expression look more "pretty" it is better to write our variables in terms of integer powers as opposed to something raised to the 3/2 power or the square root.

    I.E. sometimes its more conveinant to write a^2 = b rahter than a = sqrt(b)
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