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The Stable Universe

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    Leaving all knowledge aside for the moment.....

    There seems to be two stable states for the universe

    1. Void. There is no universe because there's no natural phenomena to bring it into existence.

    2. An intelligent universe. Here the intelligence has devised a way of bringing itself into existence. This 'way' manifests itself as the universe as we know it. Hence, future scientists are the intelligence.

    As we know the universe is real, therefore state 2 rules. Human/Alien intelligence acted as the force that brought the universe into existence.

    State 2 implies time travel will one day be possible.

    Causal :surprised

    Does anybody have any comment on the above? Thanking you in advance.

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    But there is a universe. The void is part of the universe. The universe may be the natural phenomena that brought it into existence.

    That's just ludicrous in my opinion. A universe with "intelligence"? You question all these phenomenas because you exist. The universe doesn't have to possess "intelligence" to provide the right conditions for living organisms to start growing.

    Whatever created the universe cannot create its own self. Its perpetual I'm afraid, it goes on and on, hence why I believe that everything is reduced to nothing.
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