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The stamp swaping club

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    A great idea i just had, all's you have's to do is sends me a stamp and i will send one back to you, then we can all be collectors, soon we will all have stamps from around the world,
    do Chinese stamps have holes in them? and will Australian stamps be upside down? and is Obama on a stamp yet?
    Just think mayhaps in some year these stamps will have some value, so gets sending.
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    I think we should have a currency-swapping club. Please send me the basic note of your country, and I will send you a coin in return. Relatively-uncirculated cents are quite attractive (thus the phrase "pretty penny"), so you will be getting your money's worth.
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    I will email you one today!
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    I used to have an awesome stamp collection. I think it got thrown away by accident. My favorite stamp was a huge one of a gorilla from the Congo my uncle sent me when he was there. I had some rare stamps too that were purchased. :frown:

    The card Red Rum sent me from Cyprus is gorgeous and he sent me a beautiful one from St Petersburg, Russia, the one he sent from Brazil never got here. I don't think he sent me one from Surinam. He goes to a lot of exotic places.

    Wolram, we should ask Red Rum for stamps. He travels all over the world, constantly.
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