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The story behind a physics major

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    hi guys, just to share some stuffs. I am a physics major in an asian country, and the very reason i choose to major physics is purely out of interest. Theoretical physics is just way too cool...

    But again, i feel that there is a price to pay for this interest and is a pretty heavy one. In my country, there is a common consensus that there is not much future for a physics major especially if i am interested in the theoretical aspect. Relatives and friends are telling me to move into finance or business side as it is more money making so as to say( I don't know, finance accounting and business are very popular in my area). They will always sound like choosing physics is like heading to a dead end. Then next up will be friends telling me that in physics it is much harder to know girls and hard to find one as well. With such negative things in my environment, i really guess it takes courage to choose physics and stay in it. Hopefully i can complete a graduate study in physics and guide the next generation of physics undergraduates.

    Are the physics major elsewhere facing these problems(not exactly a problem i guess) as well?
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    Of course they are. But since Asians are more focused on careers it is not as much of a problem elsewhere.
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