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The String Theory-and im new

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    hi-im new here.....im 15, from london, and i like physics...lots! lol

    String Theory
    i found this site that has a whole load of info about it, and even 3 one hour clips explaining it and the theory behind it-

    apparantly, all particles are made up of little strings that vibrate, and that's how energy is made...these strings are so small, that in comparison to an atom, they would be the size of a tree, where the atom would be the size of the universe....!

    here's the site-


    sorry if this has already been discussed....im still new-and 15-lol
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    lol----i dont particularly see myself as a geek of any sort, but usually when i tell people that im 15 and im into astrophysics.....lol-u know hehe

    thanx for the link :smile:
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    Blah, the prejudices we're subjected to.

    What's the difference between being 15 and wanting to be an astronaut and being 15 and being into astrophysics? One of 'em actually knows what he's doing!

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    can someone explain supersymmetry to me please?
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    garytse86: Please create a new thread in the Strings forum for this topic. :smile:

    - Warren
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