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The suitable mircocontroller

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    Hello all of you, i need your help to give me a decision about my project. first, i will explain what my project can do. my project using the camera to record the video or capture the picture. i also want my project able to display from the camera in real-time. the problem is i don't know what type of microcontroller that can be supported it. in that file using the pic microcontroller. may i using the arduino uno??..or mybe 8051???.

    reply from you all very appreciate.

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    You won't be able to do that with a PIC16f77a chip. That PIC is a 5MHz 8-bit device. The device in that document is simply instructing the camera to record when the PIR circuit detects movement. A user would later have to retrieve the video from a storage device.

    You'll need something much more powerful like an ARM processor to transmit video. Raspberry Pi can do this. The new models even have built in Wifi and a camera module you can purchase.
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