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Homework Help: The sunset local time

  1. May 22, 2015 #1
    calculate the sunset local time for a location : latitude = 36 N , longitude = 6 E
    if the apparent solar time at this moment was 17h,45 , and ?
    i started with hour angle h = 86.25 , after that i tried to determine the declination angle d but i don't have the day number and the month , also that for equation of time i can't determine and for the solar altitude angle =0 since for sunset and sunrise so i calculated the declination angle of solar altitude relation and i get a d= -5.144 and when i tried to calculate the day number of declination angle i had a negative value and that's wrong
    so what to do
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  3. May 22, 2015 #2
    the time correction factor = 1 hour

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