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The Super Cloud Theory or M-Theory

  1. Mar 26, 2004 #1
    If Witten's announcement about the nearly discovered M-Theory, in 1995, came as a shock do not read any further.

    How many dimensions do you need to make a Super Cloud, to form a universe?

    1 Super Cloud of photons
    1 Time dim.
    3 Space dim.'s (with 6 degrees of freedom)
    6 Quarks (Think of quarks like ice lolly pops - the one dimension quark
    acting like a stick inside a 2 or 3 dimensional ice lolly, h^3)
    11 Total - just like the M-theory

    The Super-String Theories said that strings are so tiny they can never be seen, Witten proved that all the theories are in fact simply different mathematical solutions to the same underlying principle of the membrane theorem, which can now be infinite in size.

    From tiny to infinite overnight - amazing and forget about everything in between.

    If we assume the cloud is the only inifinite membrane, can we now start studying the smaller partical sized membranes, which affect where we live?

    Why keep pushing our knowledge to the limit, when we didn't bother to look at what we already know and try to understand - remember the string-theory is already 200 years old?
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