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The Super-identity Called God

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    **the Superidentity Called God**

    -Infinity ............................. -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 ...............................+Infinity

    -infinity + infinity = 0

    Therefore, the sum of all that exists is 0. Each infinity represents one total or the sum of all things in a given reality or "counter-reality". So we have the reality of "everything" standing on one end, and the absolute opposite of everything, "nothing", standing on the other, each of which are the sum total of an infinite number of identities which are in themselves a reality of equal magnitude and to each a single diametric opposition in one-to-one correspondence to the other whereas if otherwise be the case the result would be the contradiction of having one without the other giving an opposition to opposition which is sameness which has no meaning and which is itself the opposition to reality. That is to say, by themselves each reality is an identity or the sum total of the total number of identities within it which are themselves realities separated by difference where to each difference there is no opposition or one-to-one correspondence giving each reality by itself no meaning, hence, one from the second must be linked by a third, 0, a number, which is a "non-identity" or "non-reality" to give each reality an opposition creating a single "super-reality", which, is the subtraction yet sum of all identities in respect to every other making nothing and no difference yet no contradiction to meaning at all!

    The non-difference or non-identity resulting in the union of all identities as one is the categorical formulation of not one or the other, but both diamterically opposing identities each of which are an infinitely numbered "reality" apart and each apart represent one total reality having no separation or opposition in itself but in the other as a result of this non-identity or this nothing and so we see that there simultaneously be a "sum of everything" to represent everything except nothing, and a "sum of (negative) everything" to represent nothing except everything yet to conceive of one without the other is a contradiction to either, therefore, there can be no difference between the two and so from this union we have each total reality becoming one total "super-reality" by virtue of this nothing or this non-identity, 0, a number, or rather, an "entity" having no identity, yet, giving birth to identity itself. It is the "superidentity" we know as God.

    Nicholas I. Hosein
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