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The surface Of The Sun

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    I believe that I have compiled compelling evidence from the TRACE, SOHO and YOHKOH satellite programs to suggest that the sun has a solid, electrically conductive surface that lies underneath the photosphere.

    You can find my website with lots of video and photographic evidence to support this theory at:


    I would appreciate any SCIENTIFIC feedback, specifically skeptical feedback to the model I've presented. Please limit your feedback to a SCIENTIFIC refute rather than attacking the messenger.
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    For a quicker description of what michael thinks, you can also reference http://www.christianforums.com/t1699184-the-surface-of-the-sun.html. [Broken]

    He believes the sun has a solid surface made up of calcium ferrite.
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    Considering that the surface temperature is around 6000 deg C and it gets hotter as you go down, anything solid seems extremely unlikely.
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    6000°C is above the boiling point of all the elements and any know material we have on earth.
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