The Surprising Truth Behind the Construction of the Great Pyramids

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but many chemists and others of archaeology say the geopolymer is impossible because of we must have great furnaces to burn these stones and no evidence for these furnaces found
what about that?
Sorry...are you agreeing with me, or disagreeing? I mention the unfinished obelisk in Egypt (bottom picture) because I had doubts about the Egyptians using casting techniques strictly. It would seem, as in the case of the unfinished obelisk of Aswan, that they at least quarried granite blocks.
seems like if you were going to make casts, you might as well also make interlocking shapes to increase structural stability.

also, where would you get all the lumber to burn to make quicklime?
I had no clue about this until this thread, thanks Evo!

Oh, and for people talking about Jewish slaves in Egypt, the historical record is clear (wrong time period), but also keep in mind that the Passover story is a parable; it doesn't need to be taken literally. Unlike some religions (not naming names *cough really was a Noah's ark *cough*) fundamentalist Judaism still acknowledges that the Pentateuch was at best a divinely inspired construction of humans. AFAIK, only Islam claims that its scripture is the unaltered and literal word of god... and maybe Mormonism... I don't know.



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