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The symmetry breaking in vacuum

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    In Chapter 6 of the Antigravitation Engine Site, the symmetry breaking in vacuum is studied as follows.

    11. The symmetry breaking in vacuum
    It can be known from Section 8 of this chapter that everywhere in vacuum there are non-present-time foggoids, whose gfm ball particles have a dominant rotation direction because of the effect of the inertial frame dragging (see Chapter 2, Section 2) of the rotating gfm ball of the foggoid of the large-scale structure of the universe. Hence there exists the symmetry breaking in vacuum.

    For more information, please see the Antigravitation Engine Site (URL: http://xczhx.nease.net/indexEnglish.htm [Broken]).
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    What's gfm ball particles ?
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    in a vacuum (an area void of matter) how can there be any symetry. there's nothing to be either symetrical or non.
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