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The system that harbours us

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    Let us call the system that we live in for The System of Laws of Physics Responsible for Our Universe, SLPROU.

    Now suppose, just suppose, a God or a bunch of Gods invented SLPROU.

    Now SLPROU harbours consciousness, that is proven. We live there, after all.

    Now just as our consciousness is dependent on SLPROU, the conscoiusness of Gods must live in a system themselves, called Our Gods System, OGS.

    Suppose that system, OGS, was invented by a super God or bunch of Super Gods, that are above our Gods.

    However those Gods must live in a system themselves, that another super super God or Gods have invented.

    And so on.

    Now because an infinity of Gods is not possible (right?), each one above another, maybe there is a circle of Gods, so that for example our Gods are the cause of a God above our God. This God, above our God, is in turn after a succession of Gods responsible for our God. Froming a cause circle.

    Any comments?
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    Such a system might be logically consistent, but still rather puzzling and unlikely, don't you think? Why not cut off the logical regress by positing that 'SLPROU' is the only system of laws?
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    Well its speculation into the unknown; the likelyless of such speculation is also a speculation - neither of us have any base to count on in this specific case.

    Don't you think it is unlikely that we have something rather than nothing! Nothing should be the default, but it itsn't.

    Anyway, as you said, why not say that SLPROU is the only system of laws? Here you have to wheigh the likelyness of our SLPROU versus the likelyness that a conscious God exists (that created our SLPROU in turn).

    How likely is it that *any* system of laws can genrerate humans? All the chemstry, all the cosmic factors that the sun can live for billions of years sustaining life on earth, etc etc. In other words SLPROU is unlikely compared to all other variant systems that may form.

    If a God has made SLPROU, then of course SLPROU is not unlikely at all. But then the God is unlikely instead. So the question is, what is more likely forming, an intelligence with creative power (God - a system operator over his creations) or SLPROU alone.

    So my conclutions is both views are unlikely. This leads to a tie between the likelyness of SLPROU alone versus SLPROU and any number of Gods.

    Current odds of one or many Gods: 2
    Current odds of SLPROU alone: 2

    Place your bets...
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