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The system

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    I have to gain a real deep understanding of everything I'm learning in university and luckily for me I don't have to work to survive so I can put all day every day into learning which is what I like to do because I love learning about scientific fields. How do other people that aren't as fortunate as me manage to get college degrees though? I'd say there are plenty of people who would become scientists and change the world for the better but they can't because most of their time goes into survival. We seem to be economically enslaved and it doesn't have to be this way because with the knowledge we have today basic survival can be covered for every single person on the planet. I suspect foul play from the people involved in the maintenance of the monetary system and other control structures.
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    Its good that there are people like you and me still around ..................
    I share the same thinking (almost I guess )
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    The seems like it belongs less in 'Academic Guidance' and more in the general section. This section is for school, not for crackpot theories about government.
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