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The talking cure - which is better?

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    Considering that it takes years and years of analysis. Is Classical Freudian Psychoanalysis a much effective way of curing people?


    Is Cognitive-Behavioral therapy a much, more practical, efficient and effective way?
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    I'll vote for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, but not because it is less time-consuming. It is much more grounded in research.
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    Recognizing that: "What you see in others, is a truth, that arises from within you" that is the best therapy you will ever find, as it is revealling, totally, of you to yourself, but only if ya got the guts to look hard at yourself, and accept the parts of yourself that you don't like...openly! and honestly! (Ouch! Inculcated!)
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    Mr. Parsons, that is also a role played by the therapist. A mirror.
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    Uhmm yes if you cannot face yoruself entirely you will need help, personally, I found that 'within' as well, God, but not everyone can handle that one, so, YUP! they probably need the therapist to help them, no problemo.....

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    Freud was an exceptionally perceptive man who arrived at alot of useful insights. I found The Interpretation of Dreams to be amazing. Somehow, though, his insights didn't translate into an effective therapy.

    Cognitive Therapy, at least the version presented by David Burns M.D., strikes me as vastly superior to Freudian analysis
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    Cocounseling! It'll be easier to find a real audience.
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    What in the world is Cocounseling?
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