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The teachings of Unarius

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    Ivan Seeking

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    "Unarius is a teaching of the interdimensional psychodynamics of the mind."

    http://www.unarius.org/start.html [Broken]

    "As a Membership Organization . . . As a member, you will discover the many-faceted activities of the Academy's curriculum. Admission to seminars, lectures, and special events is available to members at a reduced cost. Also available at reduced cost are books as well as the Unarius video programs that air on public access cable, nationally and internationally"

    Boy am I glad this all comes at a reduced cost!

    It sometimes seems a shame to seek truth when BS pays so much better!

    Try to get rich off the teachings of the Einsteinians. :wink:
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    from the site:
    what's a cycle of recessional?

    PS: where do you find all those spooky links??? :wink:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I have no idea what this "cycle of recessional" is..I never got that far. You don't think I actually read this junk do you?

    The mother ship beams these links directly into my head.

    Really, I'll never tell where I get them. :wink:

    I can only say in my defense that for every bit of interesting information that I find, I must sift through 20, or 50, or 100 bits of bologna, BS, voodoo, smoke-n-mirrors, wishful thinking, fanaticism, or in my opinion, even criminal lies and fraud. In my experience, as surely as most of this stuff is garbage, a very small percentage of the things that pop up are not. I tolerate the former for the sake of the latter.

    One advantage in this is that if a person can maintain some distance from the issues at hand and remain objective, the schemers and frauds are easier and easier to spot. This helps when buying a car. :wink:

    By the way, in case you didn't know, ET will be moving earth into another solar system pretty soon! That's the claim. No kidding!
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    I hope it has a green sun. I'm tired of al this yellowish helium spectral light thing....
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    That must be when they go out for recess. Currently, they are all out to lunch .

    Me too.

    We can tell him, but then we would have to kill him (prior to the next recessional).

    Seriously, I agree with this statement. A lot of the anomolies of history and science are quite interesting, but tend to attract the nuts and exploiters.

    If you can sift through the crap there is some actual attempts at scientific research and study being done on these areas, such as the search for Atlantis, or the purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza. For instance, Chris Dunn's book the "Giza Power Plant", while it may not satisfy the question of the Pyramid's purpose to everyone's liking, his research has raised some interesting questions that should be considered in whatever answer does satisfy that question.
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    I don't know. I sun resembling a black light might be cool. We could finally switch to those one piece glowing jumpsuits that everyone seems to wear in the future.
  8. Jul 8, 2003 #7
    OH NO, anything but that!!!!

    or fluorescent body-painting...
  9. Jul 8, 2003 #8

    *reserved exclusively for models :)
  10. Aug 2, 2003 #9
    The people who believe this stuff vote, so by way of democracy, their stupidity is forced on us. From this line of logic it makes sense to me to execute idiots for the good of humanity. Some may say, 'How do you determine who is stupid?', I can tell you, setup a website like the unarius one and put a cookie on the computer of whoever stays very long. Those with the cookie are the ones whose minds are so open that their brains fall out.

    IN THE FUTURE: We will all worship the one and true god, OPRAH WINFREY!
    -Your brother in truth, Alta, Space Scientist of the planet Vixall
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