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The Tech from the Halo Novels

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    I recently read the novels based on the Xbox game "Halo" and was wondering about the technology.

    1) There was frequent mention of a "MAC gun" (Magnetic Accelerator Cannon). For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Halo books, this weapon uses magnetic force to accelerate a metallic round to a fraction of the speed of light (there was one that could reach 1/4 SOL). Would these be plausible on a craft in Zero-G? There was also mention of a "Gauss cannon", basically a small MAC. How would these be possible? We already have similar technology for Maglev trains.

    2) There was also a kind of warp drive that allowed a craft to enter into another dimension and travel between points of the galaxy in a few days. Would these be possible?

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    The magnetic gun idea is possible, though I don't know about the high speed. Something like this, called a rail gun, has been proposed for launching stuff off the surface of the Moon.

    Space warps involving other dimensions are strictly bafflegab, the scifi term for made-up science that sounds good but isn't real.
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    Concerning electromagnetic weapons, this site might be interesting:

    And a warp drive would deal with warping spacetime. On pages 334-336 of Parallel Worlds, Michio Kaku explains:
    So a warp drive would be a good way to travel vast distances, although a lot of positive and negative energy would have to be used in the process. Warp drives also have their limitations:
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    well the "MAC" gun is very possible. Superconductors can be made into very powerfull magnets, capible of high acceloration but operate at very cold temperatures. if/when a room temperature superconductor is created, this would be very plausible.
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    Wow, Halo - a ripp-off of a role playing game from the late eighties, known as Rift's.
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    I remember hte railgun in Eraser... hilarious movie! It can fire projectiles at nearly the speed of light... but arnold can STILL dodge the bullets
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