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News The terrorists might come by boat, perhaps into Minnesota

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    The U.S. coast guard is attempting to justify sending machine guns to patrol the Great Lakes, in response to the endemic terrorism in that region:


    One might suggest northern Minnesota is an odd place to spend federal anti-terrorism money...
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    Well, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld might have to invade and secure Canada. They have oil too, so they could use the oil/gas revenues to reimburse the US for the trouble of invading them. :rofl:
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    What does the Dept. of the Interior have to say about this? Oh, wait...nevermind; I can guess!
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    Why is that so odd? That's where Lake Woebegone is. The place where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.
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    I'm not seeing what the problem is here. Terrorist threat or not, the Coast Guard needs to train and training involves shooting guns. I don't think it is too much to ask that someone who is required to know how to fire a gun be allowed to fire it two or three times a year.

    The story reeks of hippiism. They make negative insinuations about the change being made in secret when the reality is probably that no one considered that this would be a big deal, so they didn't go out of their way to pubilcize it. And besides safety - which isn't any more of a concern here than elsewhere where the military fires weapons (ie, virtually nonexistant) - one of the major objections is environmental, which is equally absurd.

    Besides, I think you (or the NYT) may misunderstand: these boats/ships all have machine guns on them already. They aren't typically kept permanently mounted on the deck - that'd be bad for the guns. They are kept in storage lockers until needed.
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    I agree with the locals.

    I this a hippie on a need to know basis?

    How did all these hippies get elected?

    I think this is legitimate in light of the circumstances existing in the world today. That said, I am in favor of widely publicizing live fire exercises!
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    you know... if you stand on the canadian border at night you can hear them sharpening their axes....

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