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A The theory of the big bang

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    The big bang has been thought of as the beginning of time. Technically that is true for life, but it is not for time. You see time has been around forever it was here before the big bang and will be here when we all die. It is unstoppable. But it is man made really we made it up we gave everything that happens everywhere at the same moment time. I say this because before I get into detail I want you to know that time was here before everything. Anyways time is something that we made up and we try to think that we can "time travel" but I'll save that topic for later.
    The big bang was the biggest explosion of time... or was it. The reason we think the big bang was so large was because the universe is so large and holds so much mysterys that we have only to discover but if you think about it it could have been just as big as a nuclear bomb. Space has no friction what so ever so if you were to set of a bomb the blast wave would go on forever holding as much energy as it did when it started but losing it at the same time because it would be extending so it would be spreading out till one day the energy is so sprawled out that it cant go on anymore so really it wouldn't go on forever but would go on for a long time. Anyways if we're able to go back to the very moment that the big bang is supposed to go off and set of a hydrogen bomb we could be the reason for all of life. It would take all of the greatest minds but I believe that we could do it if you think about it we could be god the creator of all life.

    --Andrew scott Phillips
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