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The theory underlying the shear modulus of metals

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    I'm trying to more understand the theory behind the shear modulus for various materials and have come across this text: http://www.scribd.com/doc/49116294/Electronic-Basis-of-the-Strength-of-Materials-Gilman-J-CUP-2003
    The chapter on shear modulus starts on page 153 and there is a part on simple metals further down which i think could be useful.
    The only problem is i think it may be a bit high level for me (i'm a 1st year undergraduate) and i'm having trouble understanding exactly what it's saying. Could someone please have a look and possibly give me a short summary?

    Also it talks about isotropic and anisotropic metals. Would brass and steel as alloys be classed as isotropic still?

    Much appreciated

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