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Homework Help: The thesis statement

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    hi , I have problems with thesis statement,(already my eng is not good).ı have a intro paragraph but not thesis
    maybe one of you wants to help me..ı am writing ..thanks for it.

    lung cancer kills more people in one year than all criminal and accidental deaths combined.
    these statics are shocking,but the good news that people are now well informed about the
    risks of lung cancer.they know that their risk of contracting cancer decreases if
    they either stop smoking or do not smoke at all.unfortunately,the same can not be said
    for other types of cancer .many people are not aware that their everyday behavior can lead to
    development of these different forms of cancer.
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    This sounds like a thesis statement that you can develop further into a full essay. I assume you will correct your capitalization and spelling before submitting this as an assignment, or do you also need help with the grammatical aspects?
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    ahhhh dont remind me of english classes or to be more specific...


    i could be banned for posting my thoughts on essays.
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