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The thing inside our little buddies.

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    Why does "it" hurt when it is in contact with something??

    And umm, what is it anyways? I mean without the covering.

    Just curious...
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    Because there are many nerve endings, it is more sensive.
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    ok... any more info?
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    it does not have any muscles, bones, or thick skin around it to protect it
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    Simple evolution. Way back when before humans or apes or whatever, our ancestors with primitive external testicles were wandering around, doing whatever they did. In all likelyhood, some had more sensitive testicles than others. The ones whose testicels were more sensitive would avoid anything harmful happening to them, thus had a better chance of reproducing than something which had testicles that were relatively numb and accidentally damaged them.

    They are our means of reproduction and we must protect them as much as possible, hence if they're hurt, it hurts like a *****.
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