The tiki bar is failing!

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we need to sell some more pot suckers!
*paces back and forth like in an earlier moonbear post*

SOS! I need ou to enter the national weelchair wheelies contest for $50,000!
Astronuc! I need you to mix the best drink ever, even more powerful than flying zoobies! then sell the rights to it's secret formula for at least $20,000
Moonbear! create some weird and cool biology experament that will change the world! we will advertise it with the tiki bar!
Danger, zoobie! I need you to go door-to-door and sell pot suckers until we raise at least $1,000.
As for me, I'll hold auditions for the tiki bar's new TV commercial featuring some endorsements from lots of famous people!

good luck...
Famous people? You mean like Stephen Hawking?

I've been trying to keep the bar going. I saved it from page 2 earlier this afternoon.


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stephen hawking is not only in our commercial, he's also entering the wheelchair wheelies with SOS.
i'd buy some drinks but i'm not old enough. :cry:

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