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The time machine idea

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    The time machine idea !!!!

    I see lot of discussion going on time machines.
    there are different theories but none of them seems to be bringing any results.
    what exactly we are lacking in terms of achieving this.
    I think we have fairly enough good technology available atleast at atomic level.

    Important thing i observed is most of people are convinced by below 2 points:

    1) if you travel at speed at of light then time travel is possible.
    2) No one can travel at the speed of light. :))

    Is there any other concept/theory available to build time machines.
    forgot about warmholes, no one have seen even one till now.

    Next ,I saw in Discovery that one of scientist working on time-machine , his idea is to warp spacetime using beams of lasers. what do you guys think on this idea.

    I think the problem is no one understand the basics Or there are no basics to start with.

    Most people jump into this topic because its very thrilling , what if i can go in future or past ahhh awesome.but very few think from scientific perspective to acheive it.

    Or it might be technology dependent that we are far too back to achieve this.

    even if we got right idea we dont know how to implement it :))) confusing ...

    say ..you go back in past and tell people how to build a computer.

    No matter how good you are in explaining them but they will never be able to build computer becuase they dont have right techonolgy.
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    Re: The time machine idea !!!!

    There are a couple of contraptions that seem to allow time-like travel.

    Flying near a toroidally-shaped black hole will find you moving through a time-like dimension.
    Flying very near an infinitely long, relativistically rotating http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tipler_cylinder" [Broken] is another.

    But I don't know why you dismiss wormholes. They are no less fantastical than any other solution.
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    Re: The time machine idea !!!!

    From the knowledge I gained from the show Scifi Science on the Science channel, Apparently to travel forward in time, you just send yourself around a blackhole for a couple of spins, and head back to earth (space time is more compressed because of the black hole) and to travel backwards in time you need a ship with an antimatter shield so you can go to the center of the blackhole, where the wormhole is, and woop-de-loop you are in the past.
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    Re: The time machine idea !!!!

    i will exclude black hole also because so far we haven't able to land on all the planets we could physically see, so no point in discussing something billions of light year away and where we cannot reach.we need to think on more realistic approach.
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    Re: The time machine idea !!!!

    Yes, time travel forward is easy-peasy; you don't even need a black hole, you just need to get your velocity up high and keep it there for a while.

    As for "antimatter shield", this is nonsense. An antimatter shield will not protect you from the tides in a black hole, and sure won't help you escape from it.
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    Re: The time machine idea !!!!

    There are no realistic approaches. Time travel is fantasy.

    All the methods postulated require technology millenia in advance of our current ability, so making a trip out to the nearest BH is no more implausible than any other method.
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    Re: The time machine idea !!!!

    Personaly i disagree that time travel to past is possible...its all doesn't make any sense and
    makes the things worst with lot of paradox, and then mutiple universe comes in pcitures..lab la la la.....endless ..

    what i agree is travel to future is possible but only problem is once you go to future you cannot come back to past. hmm...that means..future becomes ur present.

    this way u never bring back any info from future to past....

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    Re: The time machine idea !!!!

    Hey tell that to Kaku!:smile: Getting into the black hole is the problem. Getting out is no big deal if the other end of the wormhole didnt connect to another black hole.
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    Re: The time machine idea !!!!

    why everyone is behind black hole...probably becuase no one sees it ..nor any concrete experiments related to blachholes..only assumptions and imginations.

    SO why not join in making assumptions on black hole and who is going to hit you back as nothing can be verified.......

    Why not talk about some way for time machine on earth so that we can think more pratically.
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    Re: The time machine idea !!!!

    I agree. A close friend of mine published a paper on Arxiv.org about a traversable wormhole which can take you to the past times. This project drew attention from physicists at the time of publication but later left alone due to the highly expensive and risky technologies it calls for. To carry out his project, people must inject millions of dollars into the experiment to only see if there is possibly another world that you may have seen/been to before.

    See his article at: http://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0511086

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    Re: The time machine idea !!!!

    Before this thread suffers the SAME FATE as other "time travel" threads (i.e. they either get deleted or locked), please keep in mind the https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=5374" that everyone has agreed to, especially our policy on speculative posts. What it boils down to is that if you are proposing something, and it is not based either on established physics, or it is based on faulty understanding of physics, then it is a no-no. You should ONLY cite published sources, NOT just Arxiv sources which have not been published before (Arxiv is NOT considered as a publication).

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