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The Top Secret Elmo is HERE!

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    Oh No!!!! Another Elmo craze. :biggrin:
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    What, you're cheatin' on Mickey with Elmo?
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    And their already saying there will be a shortage..hmmm
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    Anyone remember that elmo telephone toy thing, where you press the buttons and he says something, where when you pushed one of the buttons he said something like "I'm going to kill you"? Or was that an Australia only thing.

    Anyway, I see this one headin' in the same direction. Kicking people's faces in and all.

    Edit: "Controversy

    In January 2006, controversy surrounded the book "Potty Time With Elmo" when a mother reported that pressing the buttons caused Elmo to say "Uh oh, who wants to die?" The book's manufacturer said that this was not an isolated claim, and that they'd had several complaints about the book. In fact, Elmo is saying "Uh oh, who has to go?" but the low quality of the sound chip makes it difficult to distinguish consonant sounds. [3]" ~ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elmo#Controversy

    I wanna know how you get "Who wants to die" from "Who has to go" even in low quality.

    Edit2: "Tickle me extreme!" Sounds like advertising you'd market towards babies and mothers. >.>;
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    No, I'm not. I'm cheatin' on Tweety with Elmo!


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