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The Triple Torus Theory

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    There is a developing theory that the Universe may be shaped like a three-torus, the mathematical equivalent of a rubber cube that's bent so that all opposing sides are connected. This would mean that the Universe is finite, but does not have the problematic edge that's included in most theories. It also means that light traveling from one point, having effectively circumnavigated the Universe could eventually end up back where it started, meaning that one of the galaxies we can see through telescopes might be a baby picture of our own galaxy. Does anyone have any thoughts on this theory?
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    Neither of the two conclusions:

    1) Volume is finite, without bound
    2) Light can make a complete circuit around the universe

    are unique to a model of space being a 3-torus.

    Relativists will also complain when you neglect time as being related to space.

    - Warren
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    This idea was first introduced

    by the mathematician Kurt G¨odel.
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