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The Tunguska Gensesis-Contamination

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    The Tunguska “Genesis-Contamination”

    The Tunguska “(Gene)sis-Contamination”

    http://www.usm.maine.edu/~planet/tung.html [Broken]
    “There have been a series of interesting biological consequences of the explosion. Following the blast there was accelerated growth of biomass in the region of the epicentre, and the accelerated growth has continued. There also was an increase in the rate of biological mutations, not only within the epicentre but along the trajectory of the object over Tunguska. For example, abnormalities in the Rh blood factor of local Evenk groups have been found. Genetic variation in certain local ant species is now being studied. And genetic abnormalities in the seeds and needle clusters of at least one species of pine have been discovered.”

    I’m wondering whether there is a Lotus Protocol connection?
    Or is this just a case of Panspermia?
    Pre-empting Evolution?

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    Exposure to radiation - predicted and expected outcome.

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