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The Two Time Travellers.11:11

  1. Dec 30, 2003 #1
    The Twin Time Travell:llers.

    The Twin Time Travell:llers.

    The first time traveler travels back and changes the past then returns to were he left.
    If the changes that the first time traveler made are no good then the second time traveler stops the first one from travelling into the past.
    Paradox problem fixed.

    And if i changed the future would the past be a better place because of it.

    Ok i will explain how it works.
    Your father passes away in the past but that event changes your life and leads you on a path to invent and find a way to time travel.

    The Two Time traveller one being you,the second you best mate who has help you invent time travel.
    You travel back in time and save your father from passing and bring him into the future with you!!
    Best Regards
    Happy New Year to all and have a wonderful 2005.
    Do you think heaven is the future were you and your father will meet again.
    Thy kindom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven!!
    Music will have a VERY LOUD heart beat for youto let you know thati am with you till you and i meet again till then keep the vibe alive my son!!

    Thanks for your time.
    Blair Styles
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    If i changed the Future would anybody know??

    I am not a time travell:ller?

    Thanks For your time,
    Blair Styles
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    If i changed the future would the past be a better place because of it??

    give and forgive.
    take and hate.

    Are you one of these or both.

    give and forgive.
    take and hate.

    Thanks for your time,
    Blair Styles
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    The way I see the paradox is: The present cannot be altered by changes made to the past in reference to the 'time traveller' (ability to invent such a machine included)- therefore I contend, for instance, that it would be impossible for one to slay his own father prior to his conception - (and by the same token, it would be impossible for the 'time traveller' to perish in the past by this scheme) although the forces that would avert such an event could be many or in a sense; Divine. The future, or the path that certain future events might take, could be influenced to a certain degree, whereas the dimise of the 'time traveller' could be possible.
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    Thank you The_Jayman for your input interesting.

    Lets say for an exsample i travel back in time and changed the first post would you know what i have done.



    Thanks for your time
    Dj Blair Styles
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    The timelines could always just split you know, leaving us with 2 seperate chain of events after the change has occured.
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    Is the future better yet??

    Thanks for your time,
    Dj Blair Styles,
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  9. Feb 28, 2004 #8
    Your mission should you choose to except it!!

    Travel back in time and help Dr Martin Luther King Deliver his world famous speech.
    I have a dream.

    Many Thanks
    Blair Styles.
    11:11 :wink:
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    About Relativity Theory

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    Thanking you.
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    I suppose, you don't really need the second guy to tell whether it has turned our favorable or not. The first guy would just see it whether or not it happened. I suppose it would save some time, since the second guy would have all the information from the previous years and tell what has gone wrong/right analogous to the intentions of the first traveller.
    Actually I think that' a pretty neat idea about fastforwarding in time. I suppose that you could also wait the time that you timetraveled back (unless of course it is too extensive) and see yourself grow up and stuff and then go back in the past and whatever.
    Also, if timetraveling back was just rewinding, then you would be stuck in a time "circle", or you and the rest of your universe would keep rewinding forever without even knowing it.
    Actually, I've thought of this idea of pretty scary (and selfish, I mean one person screwing up everyone's time, come on) so every day I pray something like that doesn't happen.
    What if this is the 1 millionth time we are being here doing the things we think we are doing for the first time (not eating, or regular stuff such as breathing).
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    To answer your question goto goggle or foogle and type the question you want answered and the info will be there for you to see.
    The internet has most of the past answers. What we do now will be the Internets future children's discovery.

    New ideas come from out of no were and change the world in profound ways and only time will allow you to become the best you can be.

    Many Thanks
    Dj Blair Styles
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    Blair, I wonder the implications of opening the "door" 11:11 cos it deals with something already known by Mayas and Egyptians if you transform the "clock" using constelations and Sun, then you will have the 11th hour and knowing the minutes you will understand 11 minutes means 33 years counting from 1979/80. Unless you don't have the slightest idea what I'm talking about.
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    Sort of. That information is incomplete. Check where is Leo constelation gonna be in front of Gizah sphinx, the time ticking, the Mayas knowledge regarding the 5th Sun.
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    Yap, I was talking about that.
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    Just to comment on the first link - the correlation of extroverted/introverted personality types with the seasons (The Eysink et al research really can't be pushed to describe 12 types). A baby born in late July - Early August will reach 1 year old during the same perios. That is, during the high summer when adventures, bright skies, and pretty flowers will greet the newly walking, babbling, thinking toddler.

    But the baby born in late October early November will reach 1 year old at Fall time, leaves falling from more and more bare trees, flowers dead, grass brown, skies gloomy, flurries of early snow. Stay inside and brood.

    Would it then be any wonder that little Leos tend to be extroverted and little Scorpios tend to be introverted? No magnetism or whatever needed.
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