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B The typing monkeys in irrationality

  1. Dec 7, 2016 #1
    how many average digits of pi do i have to check to find the number 23 in pi?

    average 100 digits

    and the number 123?

    average 1000 digits

    so if i put pi in base 24(letters) and search a book of 1000 letters it will appear after 10000 letters

    so for example midnight summer dream which is composed of 1,000,000 letters will appear on average after 10,000,000 letters

    and what is easier to write a whole book of 1 million letters or to write a number of 8 letters that points the position of that book in pi?

    now filosophically if all info is contained in irrational numbers dont belong all copy rights to hippassus descendants?
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