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The U.S., Freemasonry & Satanism

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    Someone posted this link a few months ago in another thread and I have read through it a few times since then.


    Surely this must be pure fiction?
    It is an interesting read.
    It seems completely outlandish but I find some very strange anomalies in some of the sat photos that MUST have been planned.

    Does anyone know the true connection between Freemasonry & Satanism?
    I have found alot of interesting quotes from Pike regarding Satanism yet Freemasons stick to their guns about there being NO connection or the connection being misunderstood.
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    No takers eh?

    I must be the only one that finds it interesting that there is a very noticable Pentagram formed by the street layout of Washington D.C. with the White house located at the Southernmost tip.
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    Actually, we've had discussions about this before, I will see if I can find them.
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    So im maybe if i wanst drunk i would know but wanan tell me what is going on in a more concise way im too lazy to read that much
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    take a look at a map of the area without the lines drawn over it. quite a few of the lines don't actually follow streets.
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    I noticed a lot of those images on there were grainy, small, and not quite as clear as they should be to be presented as effective evidence for serious analysis. And of course, as matthyaouw pointed out, the entire references to the pentagram don't really hold up. Even if that last side did look straight instead of zig-zagging around, it would, at least in my mind, look more like a diamond rather than a pentagram to me.
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    Drop oldunion a line, he'd love to agree with you, I'm sure.
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    Whats to agree with?
    That it is unusual?
    Uh, as far as typical city street layouts go... it is.
    You ever drive in DC?

    I said it was odd, that is all.
    Last time we were in DC the tour guide guy said that the circles were there to place battalions of soldiers and canons to repel invading troops from the capital.
    Seems like if that were true the White House would be placed in the Center of all those circles.
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    On the link, if you scroll down further you can see they aren't talking about the streets being the actual lines of the pentacle but the circles as the points of the pentacle. And there's a compass also off to the side.
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    I don't see why. They've got the coast to the rear and the circles blocking most of the front.
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    The layout of the streets was designed by a Frenchman, meant to evoke the Baroque-era master planning of certain European cities. That is why it is so different from other American cities.

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    Does this prove that 18th century Frenchmen were satanists?

    Actually, now that I think about it, they couldn't have been. Anton LaVey invented the religion of Satanism only a few decades ago. This link must have meant to refer to earlier forms of Satanic worship (and more genuine forms, as actual Satanists are atheists).
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    That would be 1969, going by Hotel California's lyrics, but the correct year is 1966 ! But that's only LaVeyan Satanism. Other forms of Satanism have been around, though with no strength in numbers, nearly as long as Judaism.

    Perhaps the earliest recognized cult that came closest to the present day Satanists would be the Templars, who in the 13th century were thought to worship Baphomet, the goat-headed demon that is now the icon of Satanism. After the Crusades and the squashing of paganism by the church, Satanist ideas disappeared from view until the 16th century, when people accused Luther of being Satanist - which he wasn't. Yet, as western society evolved into the age of reformation/reason (by the 17th/18th century) Satanism had grown in popularity as well.

    From the Templar connection, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if some inner sect of the Freemasons embraced some of the ideas of Satanism, if only to stand out against the Church.

    In any case, what's the bid deal with Satanism ? From the tiny, little bit that I've read about it, I find its main tenets (for the most part) more appealing than those of Christianity.
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    I wasn't trying to prove anything, just pointing out what saw. LEROOOOOOOOOOY!
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    Hmm, so the US founding fathers were Feemasons, and by definition Satanists? Right you are! :smile:

    It's part of the Roman Catholic (and later Reformed) propaganda machine that the word Satanist has an evil sounds to it. The root of the word is in the Arab Shaitan, meaning adversary. So a satanist is an adversary of the Church, no more, no less. Following it's ethymology, I'm enrolled in a Satanist university and am satanist myself.

    The fact that many of the 18th-19th century cities have Masonic influences in their design is well known fact, nothing conspiracy like attached to it. Brussels for one is full of masonic links, as most of our country's first politicians were masons as well. In fact, many of them still are.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    But I'll bet that you don't know the secret handshake and stance. :biggrin:
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    Which one? :biggrin:
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    As pointed out by Dimitri satanism doesn't really exist except where the Church decides they do not like a particular ideology. The only exception being LeVay satanism which LYN pointed out is a very young organization.

    I do not know of any convincing evidence against the Templars. I rank the accusations against them among those levied against the supposed Illuminati.

    Pentagrams are not "satanic" and are even used by certain sects of the christian church. The inverted pentagram is associated with satanism because it is representative, among pagans, of drawing power down into ones self as opposed to point up and sending energy to the gods. So it's connected with "black magic". The drawing down of power aspect would also explain why the white house is supposedly at the southern point of an inverted pentagram.
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