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News The U.S. is no angel or don't believe the hype.

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    Alias, Russ(heres more) you have a romantic image of the US. America is beautiful, its just that we elected some people with different agendas.

    This is a partial listing of sites that discuss U.S. atrocities, there are a lot more. Some may be taken with a grain of salt others are more substantive.



    http://www.indiaexpress.com/news/world/20010926-0.html [Broken]

    http://www.zmag.org/forums/chomcambodforum.htm [Broken]


    http://www.refuseandresist.org/resist_this/072498timesindiaed.html [Broken]

    http://www.humanrightsonline.net/USatrocities.html [Broken]

    http://www.state-terrorism.com/ [Broken]

    An excerpt from this site:
    http://www.sabac.co.yu/e-zine/social_politics/txt/english/chomsky2.html [Broken]
    MB: How do you reconcile that view with the fact that, according to polls at least, the majority of Americans would support an escalation of the war, for example, through the deployment of NATO ground troops?
    NC: You have to keep in mind what these people are hearing. The public is getting its marching orders from Washington. And these orders are to disregard all other atrocities, even ones much worse than Kosovo, especially in places where the US is involved. Focus your attention only on this disaster and pretend to yourself that the crisis is all about one evil man who is carrying out genocide. This is what we are being told by our media day and night. It's effective. Most people accept the marching orders. Then they say we've got to do something, like send ground troops.





    http://www.colombiapeace.org/documents_2002_9.html [Broken]
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    Hmmmmm...people don't want the truth when a comforting lie is available.
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    I won't mention names,

    but thats so true Zero.
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    wow amp, thank you for putting together a very good list of many of the reasons i have for not supporting this war.
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    I read quite a bit of the info at those links and found quite a bit of comforting lies. The blade cuts both ways.
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    Are you realizing that about U.S. propaganda (to its own citizens) or do you accept it as gospel? Oh, and thats why I gave a list from differing areas of the world for the various looks at this particular focus.
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    Hmmm...like where? I know 30% of everything Bush says is a lie, and if you look at Rush Limbaugh, it is closer to 90%.
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    Lie in first link - "The campaigners have always contended that the events of July 1950 were three days of unprovoked carnage."

    The carnage was provoked by N. Korean soldiers posing as civilians. It is always described as "alleged" in the news stories about this, but it is something that N. Korea did then, and continued to do as late as the 1990's. N. Korean soldiers routinely infiltrate S. Korea and go on killing sprees.

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    Anyone remember Colin Powell when he tried to cover up Mai Lai?
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    Lie in second link - "But many Afghans, particularly those of the Pashtun majority, who have had to endure 10 months of arbitrary US military operations, are beginning to voice their opposition to the American colonial-style occupation of Afghanistan."

    Many Afghans may resent our presence, but it is not "colonial-style" in any sense. Are we going to live there? Are we going to exploit the vast wealth? Any attempt to exploit Afghan wealth would cost more than it nets. There is no colonial-style occupation.

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    Njorl, I'm sure we all respect your opinions...

    can you give me some links or other evidence(were you there?).
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    Everyone seems to have an agenda, no true?

    Q: What kind of investigation did you make?

    A: In a very limited schedule, our team waged investigation activities around Pyongyang City.

    We obtained testimony from many persons--researchers, victims and witnesses of the chemical and biological warfare. I was most impressed with the story that in Korea there was a custom of presenting shellfish to others wrapping it in straw, and that by making use of this custom, the U.S. army spread germ-contaminated shellfish, causing many Korean people who ate it to die.

    I also visited the germ warfare section in the Museum of Victory in Korean War, and I was able to have access to documents and materials, which were not to open to the public.

    What surprised me most during my visit to the DPRK was an 18-minute documentary film, which was filmed in 1952 by the staff of the National Film Studio of the DPRK.

    The documentary film titled, “U.S. forces’ atrocity of germ warfare,” showed flies and spiders, which were scattered by U.S. airplanes, crawling around on the snow, together with captive pilots testifying to the act of germ warfare. The film also showed the activities for prevention of epidemics and the activities of an international investigation team, which was formed by eight countries including the UK and France, to investigate the suspicion of U.S.-committed germ warfare.

    This time, I confirmed again the fact that the U.S. committed chemical and biological warfare in Korea. Through some documents, I had known about the germ warfare committed by the U.S. forces during the Korean War but had no sufficiently convincing materials to persuade people to believe the fact.
    Taken from;
    http://www.korea-np.co.jp/pk/184th_issue/2002092816.htm [Broken]

    The sneaky, underhanded, fiendish ways in which government operates doesn't really change too much. I can't stand any of the bastards on any side;
    The Trail of Tears, The handing out of infected blankets to American Indians for genocidal purposes. The US is very much guilty of atrocities but government lovers world wide root for their side like it was a football game.
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    Discussion of the event, with eyewitness mention of the infiltration technique:

    Latest N. Korean violent infiltration:
    http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/9609/21/south.korea/ [Broken]

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    That is from a North Korean government propaganda site.

    Please, there are lots of genuine mistakes made by America that you can find from reputable sources. By using that site you just ruin your reputation.

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    Interesting Njorl, I can start to accept some of your

    rebuttal. Still if this is going on or was going on, then why are so many S. Koreans protesting and openly urging reunification with N. Korea? I saw much of this on a special about the N, Korean regime and Kim's atrocities commited on his own peoples.(Slavery, murder, ect.)
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    Would an angel's war cry be "Give 'em Hell" (World War 2)?

    During the United States Civil War, the North adopted a policy of "total war"; everything that could be destroyed was destroyed, leaving a literal path of destruction cutting across the South. If the United States was willing to do that to itself, what do you think it is willing to do to another nation?
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    Amp, I think you should be more critical of your source especially if it starts with www.geocities.com. Some of your links only expresse the writer opinions and the facts only suport their opinion. they do not show the whole picture.

    As alias said their is conforting lies in those links for those that are opossed to USA foreing policy.

  19. Mar 27, 2003 #18
    What reputation? haha
    It follows from my having said that "Everyone seems to have an agenda, no true?"
    I have no more reason to believe what their football team says than anyone else’s, but to dismiss atrocities by one's own 'team' as simply being 'genuine mistakes' is a mistake in an of itself.
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    If that is the case then it is more so in light of the propaganda the American people have been subjected to. Manufacturing consent is what PR is and does in relation to politics.
  21. Mar 27, 2003 #20
    To be honest, from the first link I clicked on (the NK civilian shootings), I expected something from a little more recent than 1953. Many of the soldiers that it involved are probably dead now, so what's the point in bringing up something 50 years old, which is well and truly and in the past, and bears no relevance to the World of today.
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