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The UFO-Tokoloshe Connection

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    Ivan Seeking

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    A good read. This gets a little more serious though. Please see what follows the mythology below.


    This is the story that I was actually reviewing when I ran across the brown, hairy, one-butts with a lisp.

    Formally known as The Zimbabwe School Close Encounter
    Ruwa, Zimbabwe
    September 16, 1994

    Here is a nice Sightings report on this event.
    See the 11th video from the bottom, center column.

    http://www.ufocasebook.com/videos.html [Broken]
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    Weird. I'm partial to the belief that either the supernatural beings of old may have been ETs or that ETs are supernatural beings. I tend to the latter, feeling them really being pretty much demonic in apperance (the abductee draws sure scare me) and disposition. I was looking for some insight into what Ezekiel's wheels mean on the internet one day and came across a website talking about this website's author's theory connecting the Nephilim to aliens to Ezekiel's wheels to Satan and his attempts to stop the first and second comings of Jesus. I know I'm getting quite off subject, but this thread reminded me and I wanted to know if any of you care to hear the theory. It kinda makes sense in its own way...
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    This is strange and weird.

    About a year ago a guy posted on a paranormal website about havng seen what he described as a dwarf wearing a cloak on several occasions in his life. The tone of his post was one of extreme axniety with manic inensity.

    In a different thread at the same site someone independently reported having been driving on a backroad through the woods when he and his companions (sounded like teenagers) all saw a hooded dwarf run across the road in front of the car.

    These two reports prompted someone else to post "The Legend Of The Red Dwarf" from a book of lore centered around a city or town in Upstate NY. (Sorry, I don't remember the name.) Kind of a Mothman thing: people see dwarf with red cloak now and then, interpret it to mean this or that.

    Anyone who used to watch Northern Exposure may recall the couple of episodes in which Ed was harrassed by a green dwarf. The shaman, (played by Graham Greene) explained the abusive dwarf was a symbol of low self esteem, and lead Ed through the process of overcoming this in himself. I have no idea if the writers based the dwarf thing on any actual Native American legend or not.

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    How does one crap with only one buttock?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Try not to think about it too much. It can drive you nuts...just like the sound of one hand clapping problem.
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    Except that one needn't clap any hands to live. I'm actually serious, for them to even possibly exist they must be able to poop. How can one do this with one buttock?! Is it one big buttock with a hole in the middle and no crack?
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    Please discuss that in the Gastro-Enteroloy Forum, not here.
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    "When he felt oppressed by devils, Martin Luther is said to have bared his buttocks to frighten them away.)"

    I never thought mooning the demons would have any meaningful effect rather than just taunting it. :rofl: Probably scare them away by the malignant smell :biggrin:
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