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The Ultimate Aether Theory Re-revealed!

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    De Broglie experiement and an old hypothesis revisted:

    There is another possibility too that if it's something in the vacuum then passing one side of a magnet over the side of the apparatus would create very odd distributions. It is possible that the universe is scattered throught with rogue + and - charged particles that are beyond direct detection due to their sigularity of existence in which matter's existence is defined (by our observations) by + and - mutual relationships, so that as a mostly - charge moves through a "vacuum" or the ether shifts to compensate, use your imagination, and this bending of charge density in space influences the next electron, in this way it might be possible to calculate how much one electrons path affects the trajectory of another electron and so on to infere a kind of warped space in the demension of sigular charges.
    + matter 45% of universe
    - matter 45% of universe
    + and - matter coexisting is all we see and is the minority or 10% of universe, gravity affects the + and - relations of matter to give mass, move a primarily negative charge through a vacuum such as an electron and the "empty space" will form a pocket of highier density positive charge in the path of the electron so that the next electron to near this pocket of + aether density will be afflected.
    Why do magnets still work in a vacuum?
    How does Broglie's two slit experiment actually work? This question can be understood better if one draws a picture of the electrons moving though the apparatus one at a time and bending in response to aether density disruptions so that the electrons give the appearence of bending around the walls in some spooky wave like fashion.
    If this is a true hypothesis then simply degaussing or gaussing the so called vacuum area of the apparatus with a magnet should produce bizarre results and eventually it can be convincingly infered that aether exists, something to try anyway not my theory just an abandoned one, just as free energy was abandoned because where would we put the meter?
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    I like the theory. It's a good explanation for the Casimir effect
    for example.
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    I get the general idea of it, it seems like another spooky experiment and suggests fermions and bosons are behind the small forces acting in a vacuum, could be + and - stuff to form the aether but it would be hard to prove, but could be infered.
    If gravity operates only by accelerations and decelerations(see ultimate crackpot gravity thread) of the + and - matters that are in a relationship, then that 10% type of matter would also have an affect on the 90% and the 90% in turn affect the 10% but that the 90% doesn't really affect the 90% in a gravitational sense, probably more a basic kinetic energy versus potential energy sense in that if one area becomes highly + charged then the + energy in the region moves further away in response and the negative fermions might move in closer to the positive potential but likely would stay away if the whole disruption were cuased by a single negative electron moving though the aether becuase it would be repelling the negatives in that region and attracting the positives and so creating potential differences through kinetic motion.

    Here's a clipping from another thread and questions to Broglie's experiment:
    I wonder if a single electron was fired and the the apparatus was passed over with a magnet like deguassing then would the next fired electron not be so effected but travel more as a particle instead of wave. Like on my computer monitor if a get a magnet close enough it severely distorts the colours and bends the paths of the electrons, even after taking the magnet away the colour distortion remains, although I don't recommend anyone do this because I have a degaussing button any could otherwise harm the monitor, but I wonder if the materials of the housing of the monitor are retaining some of the magnetic influence and so influencing the next electrons in this way, and if so then might a single electrons fired in the apparatus influence the material of the apparatus like the magnet to influence the next electron or could it be in the vacuum itself? If it's in the vacuum then there ought to be something in the vacuum that retains the influence, is this the general idea of the choosen QM interpretation?
    Thanks for bringing up the other thread jc.
    Another thing is what if it where the proximity of the electron emitter to the electron itself or the space directly in front of the emitter that was being affected as a magnetic affects a monitor that was affecting the flight paths of the subsequent particles, I mean if the charge retainment is extremely close then it wouldn't have to be very strong to affect the flight path.
    I'm fairly sure the the remaining slight colour distortion of the plastic and glass and wires of the monitor is a very sensitive indicator of the influences of magnetism on materials long after the magnet is moved away.

    It got me thinking about the aether and rumaging through their old ideas that might not be as entirely ludicrous as has been presented.
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