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The ultimate reality

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    The ultimate reality will be pure paradox. Since if the ultimate conclusion of reality is conclusively logical, we would eventually become bored out of our minds and then we would eventually conclude that our conclusion was irrational seeing that the world no longer makes sense.

    The "forces" that fuel the nature of things is a paradox. Paradox is a conceptualization of force.

    God is a force, a paradox.
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    You and Wuliheron are going to get along good.

    I, on the other hand, don't much care for this use of the word "paradox". Did you actually mean "mystery"?
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    God is not listed among known to mankind forces.
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    When a paradox is widely believed,
    it is no longer recognized as a paradox.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    Being bored is good for the soul. It prompts us all to search for the inner peace that allows us to accept reality. Whether you call this reality God, paradox, force, or whatever doesn't matter.
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    Greetings !
    The Paradox of Existence is a paradox. Hence,
    you can not even prove its existence or inexistence.
    All you can do is make PROBABALISTIC assumptions
    from the only data we appear to have - the observed.
    According to the observed and all our reasoning
    systems so far the PoE is ver likely real. But,
    you can't prove it absolutely because beyond the
    absolute fact of existence the rest is all
    probabalistic assumptions to us.
    If the conclusion is logical then why would
    it not make sense ? Perhaps, in the future we
    will develop a logic powerfull enough to make
    sense of - include existence = the Universe.
    What does "force" mean ?
    You mean - the force is strong within me - so
    I can type on the keyboard with my telekenisys
    powers and use a light-saber to peel potatoes
    in miliseconds, at the same time ?!
    The PoE is faceless and lacks (probably of
    course, and for now) any discription or "face".
    I could say my cat is the ultimate ruler of
    existence (I'm sure he's much prettier than God )
    or I can believe that the world was sneezed out
    of the nose of a giant monster, but either
    way those will be pointless beliefs - unnecessary
    assumptions that have no justification - relevant
    input data.

    Live long and prosper.
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