The ultrasonic absorption

  1. hello everyone
    i am a master student and right now i am preparing for my thesis which is about
    the ultrasonic absorption for binary mixtures using the dynamic scaling theory
    that theory has been set by Ferrell and Bhattacharjee
    if any one have information about this subject or papers i can use i will be thankful
    because i have found only the abstract papers from scientific magazines
    or if you know people worked in this subject i can communicate with

    thanks any way
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  3. boneh3ad

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    If you are preparing for your thesis, should you not already be reasonably well-versed in this topic?
  4. OK i have read alot about this topic but you know more information won't be bad
    that's what i am looking for
  5. davenn

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    I have to agree with boneh3ad

    if you are doing your masters thesis .... you should be already well versed in the subject and you should be doing your own research and experimentation, to be able to present your own set of results on the chosen subject.

    if you are unable to do that, then maybe you haven't chosen the correct subject to do your masters on

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