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The Uncertainty Principle

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    As you all know there is this Heisenberg's Uncercainty Principle. Way I see it, the uncertainty principle relates to the measurement of both position and momentum of the particle/electron/etc-small-subatomic-anything at the same time. Among other things like energy-time, energy-halftime, etc.

    But here is the catch and common misconception (or perhaps I just simply did not get it). The principle relates to the measurement - that is bouncing a laser to measure one thing, disturbing and pertubating the system making the measurement of another very uncertain. So the problem is that you smack an electron with laser to measure it's position, and now you cant know what it's velocity was.

    Is it me, or the scientific community in general (Hawking, Heisenberg) have completely burried the possibility that the uncertainty principle relates to nothing more but a measurement problem? Is it plausible that if there was a way, through some geek of nature, to actually have the data, the chance, the let it be known as INSIGHT, into a particle's exact path and velocity from the environment, without ever touching the boundaries of that particle. If there was such a chance, and it was plausible to find it - is that all the problem is here? I dont argue with measurement problem of spin orientation and all the superpositions, but the position and velocity can not be uncertain, not just from the common sense point of view.

    The particle must have a definite position and velocity and mass at the same time, at any time. Please comment on this statement and let me know if there is something I missed
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    Did you miss the WHOLE thread titled "Is uncertaninty principle unbeatable?.. " in this very same QM section?

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    sorry just noticed it, and posted there.
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