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The undisputable theory of evolution

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    microorganisms underwent changes in their dna to form new organisms. The better changed ones survived. The older ones died. The change was brought due to radioactive elements.
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    - What about necessity?
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    What do u mean by necessity? KaneOris
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    Not all mutations are due to radioactivity. And variation is only half of the evolutionary process, the other half is selection.
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    Mutations may also be due to emergent molecular configurations, as in the self-organizing mathematics of Kauffman, resulting in the singly punctuated evolution of lifeforms. www.discovery.org/scripts/viewDB/index.php
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    Chound - are you quoting someone?

    I assume you mean the "less fit" ones.

    Although radiation exposure can cause genetic mutations, this is hardly a major source of genetic change. There are plenty of other more common mechanisms (and less destructive) for genetic change.
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    Another God

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    recombination, viral interference, and simple copying errors to name a few....
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    Not all mutations aide selection. What about missense mutations. Even some point mutations have no effect, because the genetic code produced by the bases refers to the same amino acid, so there is no phenotypic change. Think about it.....
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