The Universal Constant

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Another related thought concerning the Universal Constant. Just as space time, dimensional space and time, is a characteristic of matter and formed as matter formed out of the expanding and thus cooling energy of the Big Bang, could the Universal Constant be a result of a characteristic of spacetime to tend to be flat rather than curved as does surface tension in a glass of water? As the universe expands or continues to inflate and is aided and driven by this tendency, The curvature of spacetime would decrease and thus the value of the Universal Constant would decrease to, or approach, 0 as the curvature of spacetime became more and more flat or nearly so.
This may imply that once spacetime becomes flat as the universe continues to expand there would be no force acting to continue the expansion or to counter the force of gravity no matter how feeble it might be at that time and distance. Thus there would be nothing to keep the universe from contracting and forming the Big Crunch. Remember that regardless of how long the expansion continues or how vast the distances become the amount of mass-energy and thus gravity will remain the same and effect space time the same. There would be or is no escape velocity to attain and escape the universe or escape the inevitable Big Crunch for outside the event horizon of the universe there is nothing to escape from or escape to and nothing to effect anything within the universe itself or any of the internal forces at play.

Again, I welcome any and all discussions on these thoughts. If you are able to show me completely wrong and off base and explain why or how to me I would appreciate just as much as any support. If I'm wrong or uninformed I want to know just as much as I want to know if any of this makes any sense or has any validity. Either way I can forget about it and go on to something else instead of being plagued by these thoughts all the time.

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