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The universe CANNOT expand

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    Every atom in the universe is 99.99% space.
    So if space were "expanding" (compared to what!!) every atom in my metre rule would be expanding. So there is no MEASURABLE expansion

    Where is the EVIDENCE that the speed of light has "stayed constant" over the past 15 billion years. Compared to what?
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    Variable speed of light theories persist to this day, despite the lack of unambiguous evidence in support of the idea. It is, at best, viewed as highly speculative.
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    Uh ... really ?

    When you come up against something that flies so utterly in the face of established science, it is not a good idea to start off reaching different conclusions and stating them as correct but rather to start off with the assumption that you have made a mistake somewhere and try to find out where it is. If you have NOT made a mistake you will find the flaw in the established science, but that is very unlikely to happen. If you start off thinking that you have overturned established science you are likely to just end up embarrassed.
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    This is not a valid thread start.

    Asking questions is OK, but making a bunch of incorrect statements in the hope of learning that way is not. It's both inefficient and annoying.
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