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The Universe God Don

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    The Universe " God Don"

    What I would fear,or worship (I don't lose much sleep over it) is extremely advanced ETs. lets be creative and say 10,000 (instead of 1.5 billion or more) years more advanced than we.

    In less than 1000 years (from a raido enabled species) biobinarysynthesis (my word meaing interfacing computers and neurons), will replace so called "evoultion". Then "brain" power would progress in exponential leaps. After that who knows? I can imagine a species 1+k years more technologically advanced than we. I would not be aghast if this 1k ET is immortal. These gods would most likley be proficient in universe builing! I think this has already occured and there is one (and many lesser ) Gods per universe. ( a universe has room for only one god "Don".)

    exactly how would we communicate with this God? prayer religion and ritual would figure prominently in my book....or would be a good start.Beaming (whatever) waves to space wouldn't.

    Any suggestions?


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    Most definitions of the word "God" state that it is someting beyond the reach of science, and present from (at least) the Big Bang. Thus I wouldn't go as far as to say that these aliens have evolved into Gods, but I do think its quite probable that there are life forms out there that have evolved into something that we have not even the brain power to imagine.

    You wouln't. I think an ET that has evolved that much will be able to predict anything and everything you would ever want to say or do with absolute accuracy. If they are able to use computers to tap into their own heads, their knowleged of neurology must be advanced enough to know everything that goes on inside our heads at any moment.
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    read chariots of the gods if you haven't.
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    assuming that the 1k ET's have advanced as we have what a peaceful world they must have.

    look at how civilized we have become over the past 100 years! do you think there were any peacenics in 1860-70???

    logically, any advanced society would have to be civilized/peaceful or else they would be anihilated! such a culture would allow us to make our own way through probable futures to flourish or ???????

    then again, i get my philosophy from a vodka bottle, lol!
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