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The universe has unique center after all->

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    Hubble's reseach claims that the red shift in every point of the universe is same thus the universe expands same in every direction. As a logical consequence every point of the universe should be its center. So the universe should look like pumping baloon but...

    It's not quite like that!
    The universe has unique center after all.
    It's the common equilibrium point between all the matter.Look:
    If we have two masses M_1 and M_2 we can find their equi. point thanks to [tex]M_1D_1=M_2D_2[/tex] where [tex]D=D_1+D_2[/tex] is the total distance between them two. Now if we append the system with M_3 we sholud thread the equi. point of M_1 and M_2 as their common representer. This equi point has M_1+M_2 mass and the new common equi point can be found thanks to [tex](M_1+M_2)D_{12}=M_3D_3[/tex]. It's like finding the weigth center of massive object. We can append the whole process to all the matter if we have enough info for it and in the end we will end up with the unique center of the whole matter/universe.
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    The data we have could be interpreted to show us at the center of the universe, but it doesn't have to be. There are other (and generally considered more logical) interpretations.
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    Think about what your process would produce as a "center of the universe" for masses distributed in a balloon: the final point you get not only depends on where you started, but also on the order in which you added each lump of matter during the calculation.

    Good try though.
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