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The "Universe In A Nutshell" (okay, for all you picky people out there, I know I shouldn't have underlined and quoted the title to be grammatically correct...) is an excellent book for an intermediate learner of theoretical physics. And that's what I dislike about the book, it'd be hard to understand for people who have little background in physics. Believe me, I tested it on my sister. Anyhow, it uses great anologies, and Stephen Hawking (the author) consistently describes things from quite a few views: Positivist, and non-positivist, are the most common ones.

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Honestly, I got the book for the pictures. Good reference when discussions about concepts that make you go "huh?" come up.
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I like books like these...they give an interesting 'layman' level overview, and can entertain more knowledgable folks too. Plus, it can lead to interesting further reading.
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i liked it. it gives an easy and very broad description of everything. i'd reccomend Mr. Hawkings other books, though. primarily "A Brief History of Time".
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I've only read 34 pages so far (and had a look at other pages and read some of those too ), but I can say that it's an excellent book for high school students like me, although there are some things mentioned in the book that I didn't quite understand (BTW neither did my physics teacher :wink:)
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I first read the book before having any real structured learning on the subject and found I did understand most of it, I enjoyed it as well. Recently, I've gone back and read it again and found deeper meanings into somethings, and full understanding in others. It's really multi-leveled as to the writing.
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I got this book late last year, and read it in just over a day. Great book, great pics, great writing style..... Need I say more?
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and read it in just over a day.

That's quite the accomplishment! The book took me a little over a week to read the first time around.

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