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The Universe Looks Centrifugal

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    I am just curious if anyone else imagines what I imagine whenever I hear about the universe expanding at an increasing rate. I simply imagine an infinitely large spinning disk littered with marbles. The vantage point from any marble would show all the other marbles flying away faster and faster due to the centrifugal forces of the spinning disk. So, imagining this I start to wonder if the universe itself were spinning, but not its contents. We of course don't see a spin, because (in my imagination) the stars and galaxies are not revolving with the universe. The marbles are not glued down to the disk surface. If they were there wouldn't be an accelerating expansion.

    Being that we do not fully understand the true nature of this universe, probably because we will never be outside of it to view it, I can't seem to let go of this idea. If the universe--whether by influence from other universes or by something else entirely--were spinning undetected (that is, stars and galaxies are not spinning with it, thus we have no real way of measuring this), then would this solve the dark energy mystery as it being nothing more than a strange, omnipresent centrifugal force?

    Both your thoughts and ridicule are welcome.

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    Your theory would gain some ground if we found an empty centre of the universe, away from which all matter was flying.

    So far, no joy.
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    The bigger issue is the assumption something 'outside the universe' exists. I find that argument unsatisfactory. The universe cannot 'rotate' without an external reference frame. So far as I can see, that is a logical impossibility.
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