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The universe

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    I don't actually know if i should have started this thread in Astrophysics forum or Particle Physics forum.
    Anyway here the issue , some theories of our universe say that it may actually be a part of one bigger universe(sub-universe , ....).
    One theory of particle physics says that matter maybe consisted of Preons , the actual fundamental material of our world and the subcomponents of quarks and leptons.
    Regardless of how strong or weak these 2 points stated above maybe.
    what kind of restriction or possibilities i can talk about that our universe maybe a Preon in the bigger universe , and that the Preons in our universe are actually universes of their own ?
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    Or the preon is our universe causing a connection between the largest object of the universe and the smallest.

    If this is coupled with a closed universe then we are contained.

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    But wouldn't be contained anyway ?
    a closed or not ..
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    By definition, the universe is everything (including the sub-, sub-sub- and sub-sub-sub-universes), i.e., it MUST be self-contained. Therefore, the above mentioned Preon particle (representing the smallest possible scale) has to be linked to the entire universe on its largest scale (not going to another universe). This would make the universe self-contained and would automatically implement the Mach principle. There are some indications that such a scheme might actually work pretty well.
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    A photon is length contracted almost to zero length, and at the same time it is time dilated almost to a stand still, a single particle that is at the same time both smallest and largest on our relative scale.
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