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The VBIED and the Aiethiest

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    An Aiethiest who just happens to be a U.S. Army soldier who just happens to be in Anbar province just happens to walk by a VBIED; guess what happens? It explodes and his leg is ripped off. He wakes up in surgery at Balad Field Hospital-Balad Iraq. The first thing he says is OMG please help me.

    Is he still an Aiethiest?
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    Is he actually asking God for help?
    Or just exclaiming OMG as shock/pain of the situation?

    Its all up to him and how he feels about it. Thats the beauty of it :) (not referring to his leg)
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    Yes, OMG is commonly used as a generic expletive. I'm an atheist and say it all the time along with Jesus Christ! Doesn't mean anything to me exept as an expletive.
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    Not to mention the fact that Christians are NOT supposed to take their gods name in vain. Which means its actually a more appropriate thing for an atheist to do.
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    Thanks guys
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    well i guess i'm not an atheist anymore after playing chess in jail which they have mixed up with henerys game "readers digest 1972 i belive" for lives when by magic a piece was moved. the only problem that i seem to be having is that i'm only seeing the left hand, i mean i've seen some good things but for the most part everyone wants the devils hand which for the life of me i can't understand because he won't give anything for free. i'd say if you stuck in a situation where your having to play the price is right make a deal right away just to get out of it.
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