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The video jet

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    A cleaver way to put dates on moving items, It works by deflecting a stream of charged ink particles above a catcher the deflected particles form the numbers, letters, any unused particles go into the catcher and recycle.
    Some times (if the video jet has not been used for a while) the system has to be refreshed,
    to do this one raises the ink stream above the catcher and sets the machine to refresh cycle, one then gets a continuous stream of ink out of the print head, this is automatically timed to shut off after 30mins, i had set a machine to refresh in the work shop
    and left to do another job, i returned to find two people from head office looking at the
    machine, one holding the print head waving it in front of the other ,raving about the time it takes to get these machines back in service, the ink stream is very fine and hard to see, also the ink is all most impossible to get out of clothes, may be i should not have laughed.
    Office bods should stay in the office.
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