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The Voynich Manuscript

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    I came across an interesting web page the other day. It described a manuscript written possibly in the 1600's, in an unknown language (it is the only known example of the language in the world). The manuscript has drawings in it of astrological symbols, biological drawings of plants, nude women bathing in strange plumbing fixtures, astronomical drawings as if viewed through a telescope and biological drawings as if viewed through a microscope. The manuscript was written with no mistakes (no erasures) and the author is unknown.

    Just thought I would post this and see what your thoughts are on the subject. The book is called the Voynich manuscipt and I believe it is the Library at Yale.

    Here is a web page to view some of the pages.

    http://voynich.no-ip.com/folios/ [Broken]

    What do you think?
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    How was it dated?
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    I reread the website and found that the paper has a history dating it to the 1500s "Historically, it first appears in 1586 at the court of Rudolph II of Bohemia..."

    that website is here:


    Sorry for the mistake. They dated it based on style and the history. I don't know if they attempted carbondating it yet.
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    Of course Rudolph was the famous "wizard Emperor" (he was elected Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire). He employed such famous mystics and astrologers as John Dee and Johann Kepler. Just about everything mystical in that period (and there was a bunch) was attributed to him or his court.
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